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The meaning of Indie

Well, basically it is taken from the word independent. Tapi psal panjang sngat dorang ni call it INDIE. Secara ilmiahnya merujuk kepada sebilangan jenis muzik, persada muzik, subbudaya dan sifat stilistik dan kebudayaan yang disifatkan daripada persepsi kebebasan from muzik pop komersial dan budaya aliran utama serta pendekatan membuat hasil karya sendiri (do-it-youself/DIY) secara bebas…pergh

Teenagers Malaysia skrang nih, tnya la kt dorang indie tu aper, dorang  msti answer music indie la pa lagi.. tp its more than that sebnarnya. Indie skrang menjadi budaya, style, trend entah smpai bler kan bertahan, but then kebanyakannya bertunjangkan music rock, so then smpai mati pon wujud! ROCK NEVER DIES!!

Nowadays, we can identify them by looking how they dressup la kan.. shirt yg design pelik, “saya sayang mak saya la”..haha sejuk mak dier yg mengandungkan dier tu! Yg skinny la, gals with shawls!! Caer siot aku tgk..haha but in the end, it’s just a fashion..

Tapi yg creative dorang design themselves, kcik2 da jd fashion designer..bgus la tu..haha
Ok now back to business. World knows that indie is a part of elements from the non-mainstream scene/society. Musicians or band2 ni byk unsigned, x pon under independent record labels. They make the music themselves, so jujur la kan. Slalunya dorang promote dlm gig2 drg wat tour tu. Now pkai dunia tanpa smpadan la kan, bak kta orang, lagi efficient.

Films pon ble scara indie jgak. Budget sndri, cast sndri and so on. Dorang wat skrip dorang pnyer suka, xda sper2 nk tpis adegan2 lucah or racism. Indie filmmakers show what they feel trough their media artworks. But then, it is up to them, making film for money or satisfaction.

Fashion that rare and unique comes from indie people. They create clothes yg design subjective, not really for orang2 bnyk duit, and its murah. Basically dorang for gals dorang guna mcm2 yg plik2 and mmg aku pon x faham..haha tp bila jd trend, fooh, smua nk pkai!

Nk meaning indie yg more subjective lg?? Ok. For those people yg mengaplikasikan semangat indie dalam diri mereka, they could do almost anything without someone’s help. They have jati diri yg kuat, not really give up, always know how to deal with themselves. Senang citer dorang kenal diri sendiri, the weakness and how to manage it, and kelebihan on how to take an advantage of it.

So, Indie bukan sekadar music or just physical attitude, create it in urself than people will judge you for the right way...


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