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Cash-Out Refinance For many, their homes are just not dwellings that protect them against rain, sun, and wind. But they are piggy banks, which can be used to raise some urgent money, even if...



My Current Myspace Blurbs

the unfamiliar facts about me that you should know
90% of new people that I've met told that my
face look familiar. May i know why? haha.. luckily I'm the wrong person to look.
currently, i have a huge interested in improving my English.
Wonder why time school dlu x trase??
hormon kot..hahah
collecting a bunch of rare clothes. NOT really a bundle freak.
 But Im a MUSIC FREAK. give me an ILHAM to do my work, 
even its not really applied in mechatronics..haha
A design lover; A scandal HATER; FUCK U!!
and i do recognise a wannabe, and nicely, please behave wisely okey dear~

I'm a grown man but yet still feel useless. 

thank god im not into suicide. LOL

Im facing my final and do wish me luck.
and this time, it will keep me on track or need to say goodbye to myspace..
really> no lah~