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Indie Films

An independent film, or indie film, adalah film yg produced outside of any major film studio macam Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures ngan 20th Century Fox. Just like indie scene yg laen2, semuanya berlaku atas diri mereka sendiri. Budget sndri, cast sndri and so on. Dorang wat skrip dorang pnyer suka, xda sper2 nk tpis adegan2 **toot or racism. Indie filmmakers show their feeling trough their moving media artworks.

Antara film yg berjaya, Little Fugitive. It became the first independent film to be nominated for Best Picture at the American Academy Awards. ngan Silver Lion at Venice. Lama dah 1953, mak aku pon blum ada kt dunia nih.. Film ni about seorang budak kicik yang being played ngan bro dier with his friends, dorang set an accident yang bdak kicik ni, Joey Norton dah shoot bro dier..jahat btul!, then dier lari dari rumah then bla bla..google ok..

Ironic jugak, ble scene indie naik, apa2 kaitan ngan indie pon ikut sama..haha, mcm indie film kt Malaysia ni kena gak tempiasnya. Starting ngan Amir Muhammad and James Lee, and stalwarts—Ho Yuhang, Osman Ali, Yasmin Ahmad—attract ramai international attention and winning awards kat foreign film festivals in Europe, Asia and North America.. Mainstream film pon x da smpai cini beb!! Platform dorang nk famous satu dunia, Sundance Film Festival, gathers all the indie filmmakers on earth.

Antara factor laen ye la, technology dah makin murah, makin berkembang. Internet memainkan peranan penting. Youtube of course! Then college yg banyak offer courses perfileman like MMU, CENFAD, Akademi Filem, Akademi Seni Kebangsaan, Limkokwing, USM, UNIMAS, UiTM and so on. Dorang future filmmakers Malaysia ok!

Tapi biasa la, bler da naik, people around you mula la aware. Dengan budget rendah, dorang shot without permits and licences,ble kne tangkap! most indie films are made without consideration of being screened in the censor-ridden mainstream cinemas and and ada jugak nk provoke critical audience engagement, yer la dengan sensitivinyer, racism, agama and so on. Maybe the outsiders take it for granted but for Malaysian, not really.. Antara yang bikin panas Amir’s 6horts, ngan karyanya The Big Durian. Sensitive issues like Malay hegemony, the power of the sultans, and the ISA, politics matter.(Lembaga penapisan filem)LPFM mmg ban pnyer..( a bit bias with hollywood and x relevant) tu la cabaran bdak2 ni.

But then, a few websites to find independent Malaysian films:
Indie filmmakers ni creative, think outside the boxes, produce something that we’re actually don’t care but we want to see it..herrm but most importing thing is dunia perfileman Malaysia ni kicik, dorang yang menyemarakkannya. Plus ramai da mula bosan dengan filem melayu, am I right?


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